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One of the most important parts of coaching is making the right match. Personal styles and goals vary, so we work with a core group of talented and diverse coaches who have different areas of expertise and who work with leaders at all levels in teams and organizations.

The relationship between a coach and their coachee is personal, so we've included our coaches' bios in order that our clients can get an idea of what coach might be the best fit.

Marty Friedman is an executive coach and facilitator with over 20 years of experience in coaching, management training and organizational development. He understands the demands that managers and leaders are under, and has great empathy and insight. He is a specialist in all aspects of interpersonal communication, general management skills, and performance management and evaluation, and has worked with hundreds of managers and directors in practically every type of organization.

Marty’s specialty is in management development, and he provides practical management solutions to everyday people problems. He coaches and trains people to improve their relationships and management skills, and increase their self-awareness. He primarily works with managers who want to:
  • Improve relationships with employees, upper management or co-workers
  • Increase the performance of their employees
  • Learn to influence others, give better feedback and build people skills
  • Improve specific, hands-on management skills
  • Understand and accept 360 feedback from interviews or surveys
  • Gain more self awareness
He has delivered thousands of management training and teambuilding workshops, was a regional manager of a global consulting company where he managed consulting projects throughout the West, and has owned several consulting businesses.

Marty’s clients include Apple, Stanford University, Adobe, Oracle, eBay, Applied Materials, HPCisco Systems, VMware, Yahoo, and the cities and counties of San Francisco, Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Mateo and Marin. He has also worked with managers and supervisors at several early stage companies and start-ups.

He uses several assessment tools including the Denison Leadership 360, the Enneagram, Thomas-Kilman, Booth 360, The 360 Profilor, and BEST Communication Styles.

His Experience and expertise includes Leadership Development, Strategic Thinking & Planning, Performance Management, Talent Selection, Team building, Collaboration, and Diversity
 Marty is married and has 2 children. He is passionate about baseball, movies and meditation. He has a M.A in Communication from the University of Texas.
Jimena Galfaso is an experienced coach and facilitator, who has deep wisdom about the nature of human experience, group dynamics and an ability to create the conditions for others to transform and discover new parts of themselves.

She currently works at the Stanford Graduate School of Business as a group facilitator in their Interpersonal Dynamics course and a TA in the High Performance Leadership course. She has also offers workshops on diversity to incoming MBA students. She works with senior executives in different industries including healthcare, education, agricultural commodity and real estate. She was previously a practicing physician, with direct experience with highly competitive intense work environments, and very intelligent, performance-driven professionals.

Through her highly customized programs for companies she helps develop and strengthen critical interpersonal skills. She specializes in awareness building and the effective use of emotions to foster high performance in individuals and teams.

As an executive coach, she works with clients to create a safe and confidential space to work through stressful conflict and get the clarity needed to solve business and interpersonal challenges.

As a coach to teams, her coaching approach centers on themes such as resilience, feedback, influence, and team communication. Ongoing sessions enables participants to improve their individual skillsets and build a common vocabulary and mindset across the group that optimizes collaboration and effectiveness.

Her EQ workshops include exercises that build trust, awareness of self, empathy and skills to give and receive feedback. Participants learn how to understand and harness emotions promoting effective communication and an increase of productivity. These trainings can be delivered over a period of time to increase adoption and success

Jimena is Certified by New Ventures West as an Integral Coach. She has an MD from Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Jimena lives in Piedmont, in the East Bay with her two sons. She loves cooking and gardening, especially when it's with her boys.
Nirit Hazan has over 12 years of experience as an organizational consultant, executive coach and facilitator having worked with groups and individuals in the areas of leadership and workforce development, diversity, and cross-cultural work relations. Nirit has extensive experience coaching senior managers, facilitating learning groups and conflict resolution processes around challenging team dynamics and cross-cultural issues.
For the past 10 years Nirit has served as a senior facilitator, executive coach, and teaching assistant at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.  She has worked with both full time and executive MBA candidates in programs such as Executive Education, Interpersonal Dynamics, Women in Management, High Performance Leadership, Leading in Diverse Environments, and Global Trip Leadership.
Additionally, Nirit is an avid designer and facilitator of emotional and social intelligence/experiential learning based workshops of strategic leadership skills in both corporate and community environments.
Nirit has deep understanding and experience of Women Leadership practice. She is a senior facilitator of several on-going women’s leadership circles, and co-founded and leads the Dialogue and Leadership Circles, a series of professional and personal development programs for Israeli women in leadership positions in the Silicon Valley. Nirit brings her depth of experience working with professionals of all levels, and knowledge of human behaviors and cross-culture dynamics to her clients in professional and private settings.
Marty Kaplan is an executive coach and an EVP. He has vast experience in organizational consulting and leadership development, and is dedicated to helping organizations with bold visions achieve sustainable high performance and industry leadership.

Marty has over 30 years of experience helping executives and managers in business, education, health care, and government build strong teams, healthy organizations, and powerful alliances with other organizations.

He catalyzes change in organizations by working at multiple levels (individual, group, cross-functional, inter-organizational) to transform the way people think and work together.

His work has made a positive difference at UC Berkeley, Kaiser Permanente, Xerox Corporation, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the College of San Mateo, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Earthjustice, the US Marines and Dance Magazine, and many other organizations.

He specializes in forging healthy partnerships in the construction industry, where failures to work well together result in an enormous amount of wasted money and energy. His approach to "partnering" is uniquely responsive to client needs and requirements.

His industry experience includes technology, construction, education, military,  and non-profit.

His experience and expertise includes organization development, change management, team building, executive coaching, conflict management
meeting design, retreat facilitation, alliance building, and organizational research
    Marty is an accomplished ultra-distance bicyclist and coaches riders in search of an enhanced riding experience. He gives public talks on lessons learned from bicycling about personal mastery and leadership. He has a Ph.D in Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio), a M.Ed. in Organization and Community Development from Springfield College (Springfield, Mass) and a B.A. from Ithaca College.
    Ling Lam is an executive coach and facilitator with Mentor and an onsite counselor at Google, where he has provided counseling and coaching services to hundreds of Google employees. As a former Silicon Valley engineer, Ling enjoys working with high tech professionals on emotional intelligence and interpersonal effectiveness. His main areas of focus include helping clients to experience reduced anxiety and stress, greater clarity of purpose and ability to focus, deeper awareness of conscious or subconscious patterns that sabotage success, increased resilience to handle setbacks, expanded capacity to regulate emotions, improved interpersonal effectiveness, and easier access to their deepest creativity and motivation.
    Ling has more than a decade’s experience working in Silicon Valley, where he was part of the original engineering team that invented and proliferated as worldwide standard HDMI, with billions of devices shipped to-date. Ling is also a licensed psychotherapist in California and an Academic Year Lecturer at Santa Clara University.
    Ling's industry experience includes technology, government, not-for-profit and education.

    His experience and expertise includes leadership development, emotional intelligence, feedback, team building, collaboration, diversity,
    stress management, and interpersonal dynamics.
      He maintains a psychotherapy and executive coaching practice in Palo Alto and San Francisco (Hayes Valley). Ling has worked successfully with hundreds of individual contributors, managers, and executives from Google, Apple, Cisco, VMware and Stanford University, as well as numerous entrepreneurs, startup founders and CEOs. In addition, Ling serves as an Advanced Facilitator at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, helping facilitate a popular elective on interpersonal dynamics since 2007. Born in Beijing and growing up in Hong Kong, Ling is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.
      Ling holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and two master's degrees: M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He is also a graduate of the Group Facilitation Training Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Earlier, Ling graduated in the top five percent of his undergraduate engineering class from Stanford University, where he received the Terman Award for Scholastic Achievement, the President's Award for Academic Excellence, and the Tau Beta Pi-Fife Fellowship. He was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship awardee and a Tanner Award for Best Paper in Philosophy finalist. Ling also volunteered for eight years as a freshman academic advisor at Stanford University and was nominated for the Outstanding Advisor Award.
      Kevin Martin is the President of Mentor, a leadership, coaching and training company. He is an executive coach and leadership development facilitator. He is also an Exec Ed coach in the Personal Leadership Programs at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), and a seasoned facilitator at the GSB. He has over 20 years of leadership experience in technology, venture capital, private equity, healthcare, and education.

      He performs organization development consulting, facilitates off-sites and meetings, designs and delivers leadership programs, and coaches senior leaders and their teams in organizations of all sizes.

      Kevin builds rapport quickly with his clients, and is a trusted adviser to many senior executives. Decades of hands-on business experience give him a keen appreciation and empathy for the demands of leadership. Kevin draws on personal experience, current research, and a substantial library of concepts and tools to provide his clients with the support and learning they need.

      Because a systems approach is essential for organization development, Kevin’s background makes him uniquely qualified. His understanding of leadership, human nature and emotional intelligence, combined with his experience in complex engineering and problem solving, allow him to examine highly complicated relational and organizational systems, diagnose root causes, and synthesize effective yet compassionate interventions and solutions. His deep operational experience provides both clarity and confidence to his ability to facilitate implementations.

      Kevin has been facilitating group processes since his early years as an R&D manager, when he facilitated cross-functional product team meetings across virtually all functional groups. He was formally trained as a facilitator in 2006 at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), where he continues to facilitate groups for the Interpersonal Dynamics course and large group (60-70 people) discussions for the Leadership in Diverse Environments course.

      His industry experience includes Technology, Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Health Care.

      His experience and expertise includes CEO and Executive Team Development, Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Startups, Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Dynamics, Team Dynamics, Influence and Power, Mindfulness    
        Kevin has a BS in Electrical Engineering and a MS in Engineering Management, both from Stanford. He's an avid backpacker, zealous winemaker, and a great friend, husband, and dad.
        Ricardo Molano Nieto
        Ricardo Molano Nieto is a talent management professional and career coach with a solid foundation in the employee life cycle: recruiting, on-boarding, development, inclusion and outsourcing. Ricardo’s creative, courageous and compassionate approach has been developed as a consultant in the bio-tech, hi-tech and not-for-profit environments.

        He invites individuals to act with responsibility, integrity and courage; his ideas combine profound philosophical depth with practical applicability.

        Ricardo has created and led courses in leadership, branding, inclusion, team-building and effectiveness for over 20 years. He has worked with leading companies including Hewlett Packard, Procter & Gamble, Yahoo and Genentech/Roche.

        Prior to consulting, Ricardo developed talent for the YMCA of the USA, Novations and worked as Area Manager for numerous Silicon Valley IT staffing firms. Ricardo also facilitates the “Interpersonal Dynamics” course at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

        Ricardo is a LHH certified Career Coach and Integral Coach through New Ventures West Industry.
        His industry experience includes Bio-tech, techonology and not-for-profit environments, and his areas of expertise includes influential communication, emotional intelligence, feedback, conflict management, diversity and inclusion, and building effective teams.
          Ricardo volunteers at his community YMCA and for WCAN (Women of Color Action Network). He also volunteers globally as a National Board member for YMCA of the USA. He has a Double major in Psychology and Spanish from Washington Univ., St. Louis, MO.
          Erica Peng is a leadership development coach, consultant, and educator. At Stanford University Graduate School of Business and University of San Francisco Law School, she helps students develop foundational leadership and influence skills in emotional intelligence, effective verbal and non-verbal communication, managing diversity, conflict and group dynamics.

          She coaches leaders one-on-one and leads high-impact workshops for groups and teams. Her areas of expertise include: managing diversity and conflict across language and culture, and building personal leadership and high-performing teams in global and cross-cultural business contexts.

          As a first-generation Chinese-American who grew up in New England, she has extensive experience and knowledge about navigating multi-cultural and cross-cultural environments. She has lived and worked in Asia, has spent extensive periods in Latin America, and speaks Mandarin and Spanish with proficiency.

          Her industry experience includes government, medical, education, and technology

          Her areas of expertise include emotional intelligence, influential communication, leadership, diversity, group dynamics and
          conflict management.
            In addition to leadership development, she designs and facilitates trans-formative cross-cultural travel experiences to Cuba and indigenous villages in Guatemala. Participants examine historical context, power and privilege dynamics, economic and community development, and also build bridges and relationships through culture and the arts. She has a MA in Organization Development from Sonoma State and a BA in Architecture and Urban Design from Stanford University. She is also has a certification from La Únion Spanish Language School (Antigua, Guatemala).
            G. Anthony Ramsey
            Anthony is an executive coach with over 20 years of experience as a manager, executive coach, and group facilitator. His areas of expertise include: executive coaching, leadership development, cultural diversity, and organizational effectiveness. Anthony’s professional experiences include Leadership Coach at Stanford Graduate School of Business, executive coach and organizational effectiveness consultant for Kaiser Permanente, Sr. Manager of Executive Development at Gap, Inc. and Corporate Training Specialist for Safeway, Inc.

            As an executive coach, Anthony has spent the last 12 years working with professionals with varied backgrounds including MBA graduate school students, engineers, medical physicians, Hospital Administrators, senior level executives up to and including CEO’s. His previous clients also include individual contributors, front-line supervisors, as well as middle managers. Anthony is particularly skilled in working with 360 degree feedback instruments and helping clients both interpret the data and develop successful action oriented and behaviorally based developmental plans. Anthony has performed a broad range of consultative services across several industries including, healthcare, retail, transportation, and education.

            His certifications include:
            • Intercultural Development Inventory Certification (Assessment Instrument)
            • Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Qualified
            • AIM Change Management Certified
            • FIRO B Certified
            • Coaching Leaders Certification
            • Certificate in Training and Human Resource Development, University of California, Berkeley
            His industry experience include healthcare, retail, transportation, and education.

            Anthony's areas of expertise include leadership development, executive coaching, conflict resolution, diversity, organizational effectiveness, change management, facilitation, executive retreats and strategic planning.
              G. Ramsey has a BA in Industrial Psychology from San Francisco State University and is a MA Candidate in Human Resources and Organizational Development at the University of San Francisco
              Bonnie Wentworth
              Bonnie is an executive coach with over 25 years experience in catalyzing strategic change and producing results for individuals, teams and organizations. Building on a foundation of managing people, processes and services, Bonnie has coached, taught and consulted to leaders of successful organizations including Kaiser Permanente, Stanford, Charles Schwab, Gap, UCSF Medical Center, UC Berkeley, USF Law School, Sutter Health, NetApp, and Genentech – as well as several start-ups and non-profits. Bonnie is frequently cited as a trusted adviser by her clients, and her coaching style and broad experience fuels her success with senior leaders and deans in education, health care, technology, financial services, venture capital and legal leaders. Bonnie led a nationwide team as a Director at Charles Schwab in San Francisco. Bonnie serves as adjunct staff for several OB courses at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business including Paths to Power with Jeffrey Pfeffer. Additionally, Bonnie is adjunct faculty at the University of San Francisco’s School of Law.

              Her industry experience includes technology, pharmaceutical, banking and not-for-profit .

              Experience and Expertise include:
              • Change Management
              • Communication Skills
              • Leadership/Manager/Supervisor Development
              • Organizational Analysis & Assessment
              • Project Management & Problem Solving
              • Strategic Thinking & Planning/Vision/Mission/Goals
              • Succession Planning/Performance Management/Disciplinary Action/Hiring & Selection
              • Teambuilding/Collaboration/Managing & Valuing Diversity

              With an undergraduate degree in Classics and a Master’s in Organizational Psychology, Bonnie brings inquiry, rigor and discipline to bear in her client relationships. Bonnie serves on the advisory board of Playworks, a nationwide non-profit bringing positive play and leadership development to underserved urban elementary school students. Bonnie integrates life experiences as a leader, competitive athlete, volunteer, adventurer, learning junkie, change catalyst and human being in her work.
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