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Interpersonal Dynamics
Project Management
Every Mentor soft skills workshop is structured to enable learning and retention of core concepts through brief lectures followed by multiple levels of learning, practice, and application
Our facilitators are highly experienced, talented, and warm individuals, and they are experts at conveying new concepts, guiding here-and-now exercises and role play, and facilitating the learning that is already present in the room.
We make the learning environment as real and contextual as possible, encouraging our clients to work on real life challenges in the workshops and welcoming mixed hierarchies when appropriate.
We have pre-work for all of our workshops so that people can be introduced to key concepts before the workshop, and post-work to continue and apply their learning after each session. We create and customize our curriculum to fit the needs, objectives, and culture of each client engagement, and we continuously refine our curriculum so that it stays current with research, influential publications, and our client's changing needs and goals.
Our workshops can be delivered as stand alone sessions to introduce key concepts and address immediate and short term needs, or as cohort programs that affect positive and sustainable change at the team and organization level where people and teams truly take ownership of learning.
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