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Who We Are

Mentor is an alliance of talented and experienced colleagues, coaches, consultants, and facilitators. We share a passion for continuous learning, care deeply about our clients, and take great pride in our work.

Our team brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and skills needed to effect positive change in people, teams and organizations, and our reputation is built on years of trusted and successful partnership with our clients. 

We work with diverse organizations that span multiple industries, from early stage to Fortune 50 companies. Our clients include Apple, FileMaker, Stanford University, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Xseed Capitol, Serent Capitol, EverNote, MuleSoft, and many other leading organizations.

Our Team

Kevin Martin is the President of Mentor, an executive coach, an Exec Ed coach in the Personal Leadership Programs at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), and a seasoned facilitator at the GSB. He has over 20 years of leadership experience in technology, venture capital, private equity, healthcare and education.

He performs organization development consulting, facilitates meetings and off-sites, designs and delivers leadership programs, and coaches senior leaders and their teams in organizations of all sizes, from early stage to Fortune 50 companies.

Kevin builds rapport quickly with his clients, and is a trusted adviser to many senior executives. Decades of hands-on business experience gives him a keen appreciation and empathy for the demands of leadership. Kevin draws on personal experience, current research, and a substantial library of concepts and tools to provide his clients with the support and learning they need.

Because a systems approach is essential for organization development, Kevin’s background makes him uniquely qualified. His understanding of leadership, human nature, and emotional intelligence, combined with his experience in complex engineering and problem solving, allow him to examine highly complicated relational and organizational systems, diagnose root causes, and synthesize effective yet compassionate interventions and solutions. His deep operational experience provides both clarity and confidence to his ability to facilitate implementations.

Kevin has been facilitating group processes since his early years as an R&D manager, when he facilitated cross-functional product team meetings across virtually all functional groups. He was formally trained as a facilitator in 2006 at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), where he continues to facilitate groups for the Interpersonal Dynamics course and large group (60-70 people) discussions for the Leadership in Diverse Environments course. Kevin has a BS in Electrical Engineering and a MS in Engineering Management from Stanford. He's an avid backpacker, zealous winemaker, and a great friend, husband, and dad.
Kathy Kleinert heads up account management and sales for Mentor, and her experience in the learning and organization effectiveness industry is vast. She started with Mentor after college, worked her way up in the organization, and purchased the company from the founder in 1997. In 2005 she sold the company to Kevin Martin to devote more time to her family, and has remained a valued and trusted partner. She has been involved in operations, finance, strategy, sales, and account management. She has worked with some of Mentor’s clients and colleagues for over 15 years. As an account manager, she knows that the most important part of the job is to make the client’s job easier. She does this by gaining a clear understanding of the culture, objectives, and challenges of her clients; developing clear processes and systems around communication and delivery of services; and recommending solutions that will enhance their programs. Kathy has a BA in Business from Cal Poly, and enjoys time with her two daughters, hiking, swimming, gardening, and like all of our favorite people, loves wine.
Cathe Chapman-Martin oversees Client Relationships, and is responsible for ensuring that the client experience is engaging and rewarding. She has an eye for the show-stopper details and manages robust systems that allow Mentor to deliver complex services seamlessly, and convey compelling and clear messages about Mentor's brand. Before Mentor, she worked with several Web marketing and design firms managing accounts including Avon, Nickelodeon, Netscape, and Intuit. She was a consultant for many years, advising clients on their web presence and branding. She has a keen interest in continuous learning at all stages of our lives and careers, and has a BA in English from UC Santa Cruz and a MA in Writing from the University of San Francisco. She lives in the East Bay with her husband and 2 children, and loves to write, garden, and make (and drink) wine with friends and colleagues.
Marty Friedman, a seasoned facilitator, executive coach, and instructional designer, is Mentor's Management lead. He has over 20 years of experience in management training and organizational development, and has designed and delivered thousands of workshops. He is a specialist in all aspects of interpersonal communication, general management skills, and performance management and evaluation, and has worked with managers and directors in practically every type of organization.

Marty has a Master’s Degree in Communication from the University of Texas. He has also written and published many books, articles, and manuals, including “Improving Employee Performance”, “The Supervisor’s Reference Manual”, “Hiring a Top Salesperson”, “The Complete Book of Interviewing Questions”, and “Straight Answers to 101 Questions Managers Ask”. Marty is a classic movie and baseball fan, and he meditates every day.
Jimena Galfaso is an experienced organizational effectiveness consultant, coach, and facilitator. She has deep wisdom about the nature of human experience and group dynamics, and the ability to create the conditions for others to transform and discover new parts of themselves.

She currently works at the Stanford Graduate School of Business as a group facilitator in their Interpersonal Dynamics course and a TA in the High Performance Leadership course. She has also offers workshops on diversity to incoming MBA students. She works with senior executives in different industries including healthcare, education, agricultural commodity and real estate. She was previously a practicing physician, with direct experience with highly competitive intense work environments, and very intelligent, performance-driven professionals.

Through her highly customized programs for companies she helps develop and strengthen critical interpersonal skills. She specializes in awareness building and the effective use of emotions to foster high performance in individuals and teams.

As an executive coach, she works with clients to create a safe and confidential space to work through stressful conflict and get the clarity needed to solve business and interpersonal challenges.

As a coach to teams, her coaching approach centers on themes such as resilience, feedback, influence, and team communication. Ongoing sessions enables participants to improve their individual skillsets and build a common vocabulary and mindset across the group that optimizes collaboration and effectiveness.

Her EQ workshops include exercises that build trust, awareness of self, empathy and skills to give and receive feedback. Participants learn how to understand and harness emotions promoting effective communication and an increase of productivity. These trainings can be delivered over a period of time to increase adoption and success

Jimena is Certified by New Ventures West as an Integral Coach. She has an MD from Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Jimena lives in Piedmont, in the East Bay with her two sons. She loves cooking and gardening, especially when it's with her boys.
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