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Our Approach

Great coaches help individuals to see themselves more fully. They guide and support the learning that allows people to realize their full potential and change in ways that yield tangible business results. 
Our coaches provide the support, guidance, and tools needed to explore, refine, and improve each individual's personal brand of leadership at all levels in the organization. Here are some common areas of focus in our coaching engagements:

  • Personal, interpersonal and group effectiveness
  • Career development and strategy
  • Alignment of values and goals with the organization's vision & strategy
  • Components of Emotional Intelligence
  • Feedback, giving and receiving
  • Influence, 360
  • Conflict Management
  • Team Building
  • Executive Presence, gravitas
  • Managing Up, including investors and boards
All of our coaches are unique. We understand that the most important element of coaching is the match we make between the coach and client, so we have strong relationships with all of our coaches, and we seek to clearly understand the goals, challenges, and strengths of our coaching clients.
Our senior executive coaches work with C-Suite executives. These coaches have often worked at this level themselves and understand issues such as life-balance; board and investor relations; changing organizational direction; and crafting an effective and motivating story to tell to employee groups. 
Other coaches work primarily at the Director or VP level. They enjoy helping managers deal with more strategic issues like creating vision, strategy and goals; understanding emotional intelligence; developing an executive presence; building stakeholder buy-in; and making persuasive presentations.
And some coaches are experts at the mid-manager level. They like to work with managers who are "on the way up" and need to know new management skills and concepts. These managers also need basic knowledge about their personality, management and communication styles, and often need to understand organizational politics at a more sophisticated level.
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